Meet The Game Changer

Say goodbye to green stains on skin, tarnished jewellery and skin irritation. Say hello to longer lasting tarnish-free costume jewellery with a quick coat of our jewellery protector.

Our formula acts as a protective barrier between your skin, copper and other metals which oxidise from the pH in your skin, water and lotions, causing reactions.

This reaction causes your jewellery to tarnish and rust, colour transfer onto your skin resulting in green stains as well as skin irritation and allergies.

Jewellery Protector

Safeguard your costume jewellery with our water-resistant formula and say goodbye to discoloured accessories, green stains on skin, and irritation caused by allergies.

Kos Jewellery Tray

The ideal styling piece inspired by the idyllic charm of the Greek Island, Kos. Perfectly sized to accommodate and display your favourite jewellery pieces adding timeless beauty to any space.

Milos Jewellery Tray

Our Milos inspired jewellery tray mirrors the unique lunar like rock formations of the island and will elevate your decor whilst eloquently displaying your favourite trinkets and accessories.

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