Why does my jewellery tarnish?

“My Jewellery keeps tarnishing” 

Have you noticed dark spots or patches appearing on the surface of your jewellery pieces that were once shiny and now dull?
This is a common complaint and you are not alone! 

Why is your jewellery tarnishing? 

Metals such as nickel, silver and copper tarnish over time due to exposure to air which initiates a chemical reaction leading to the dull appearance of jewellery. 

The tarnishing process is accelerated for jewellery which makes contact with moisture causing a reaction between the metal and water, known as ‘oxidisation’. 

Using everyday products like perfumes and lotions also triggers a chemical reaction causing tarnishing.

Everyone’s skin type has different acidity levels which impacts the extent and speed to which jewellery tarnishes. The higher the acidity levels the faster the tarnishing process. 

How to stop jewellery from tarnishing?

Using a Jewellery Protector is the best method to preserve your jewellery’s shine and prevent tarnishing. When a thin layer is applied to the piece of jewellery, a protective seal is formed. This means that the metals of the jewellery will no longer be directly exposed to external factors, such as moisture or the pH levels of skin. This stops a chemical reaction from taking place, making sure your jewellery remains as good as new and free from tarnish. 

Below are two of the exact same rings which have been exposed to the same conditions. However, the Jewellery Protector has only been applied to the ring on the left. The clear difference between the two rings shows the importance of applying a Jewellery Protector to all your costume pieces.